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Hey everyone!

SCGMD4 has been released. It's playable here!

The game will be hitting NG next thursday (2nd of Feb) with some delicious medals. Yum.

Hope you enjoy!

SCGMD4 out now! Will hit NG next week!

SCGMD4 Relase Date

2012-01-06 07:24:44 by Shinki

Hey again everyone!

It's official SCGMD4 is coming out in a matter of weeks! The game will be playable on from the 26th of January, then everywhere else from one week later (2nd of Feb).

So if you want to play right here on NG, keep an eye out on the 2nd of February. There will be badges galore! I won't be uploading the game to this account, since it's now a company thing, so it'll be SecondImpactGames. :)

As always, the facebook group is pretty buzzing and you can follow us on twitter @thesecondimpact.

See you in a few weeks!

SCGMD4 Relase Date

SCGMD4 news

2011-10-19 10:22:44 by Shinki

Unlike last time I thought I was making SCGMD4, and then I disappeared and it never showed up, you can now keep up with our progress and news on facebook and twitter.

We'll be gently oozing bits of content from the game on there, and it's also a great way to get in touch with us. If you have suggestions for the game, those are the best ways to get them implemented! (Especially if it's a fairly minor thing, there's a good chance it'll happen).

SCGMD4 Facebook page
@SCGMD4 on Twitter

We're looking to finish before christmas, so look forward to it!


2011-09-11 14:22:31 by Shinki

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 is officially on the way!

More songs, more features and more crazy crap going on. The song list has been pretty much finalized and it's really cool!

Follow the twitter feed if you want to stay up to date: @SCGMD4.

Glad to be back.


2011-07-01 06:21:25 by Shinki

Well, what with today's news, things are looking up for SCGMD fans! -07-01-split-second-dev-black-rock-to-

The End and The Beginning

2010-09-14 04:55:26 by Shinki

Hello all, if anyone even still finds this page.

I haven't been active on Newgrounds in a while, but I thought I would share the news that I am now a programmer on console games in a large studio. :)

I doubt that anyone is still holding out for another SCGMD, but if you are I am sorry that it will not be coming. However, many of you will most likely be playing other things that I have worked on at some point in the future, which is quite cool.

Thanks to everyone for all your support, I wouldn't be where I am without Newgrounds and Flash, and the people who played my games are a huge part of that.

Hey guys!

So my plans for making and releasing a game at Easter fell through massively due to time constraints and my in-built reluctance to make something small and not that ambitious...

There is good news though, I'm currently working as an intern for a super company programming a Flash dancing game. Though this game will not really be of interest to most of you, the fact that I'm writing a much improved rhythm game engine should. Currently I'd be crazy to promise anything, as I don't want to disappoint. But there may be hope for you rhythm game maniacs.


Please stop asking me for SCGMD4.

2008-11-17 11:59:34 by Shinki

I appreciate (and try to reply to) all of the PMs I get, but please stop asking me about SCGMD4 as I'm pretty sick of answering questions. I'm not making it, I'm tired of making rhythm games and dealing with music licensing is a pain.

Thanks to the people that sent me game ideas, but other things came up and I now don't have the time to make a flash game until next easter.

Again, thanks for everyone's support, I really want to bring you guys some great games next year and I will try my best to do that.

New project - any artists about?

2008-07-10 20:15:34 by Shinki

I plan to start working on a new game when I get home in around 2 weeks, but have yet to get a rush of inspiration. If there are any GOOD Flash artists/animators out there (with game ideas I hope) that need a coder feel free to PM me as I'm open to collaboration at the moment (with proceeds split 50/50 or therabouts).

Also, no there won't be any more SCGMD.

SCGMD3 is here!

2008-04-17 10:11:25 by Shinki

Today is the release of SCGMD3! And Newgrounds finally let me upload it!

Have fun. :p