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2008-02-24 07:56:34 by Shinki

I'm sorry I've left my comments page neglected for a while, just letting everyone know that I've already picked songs for SCGMD3 so no need to leave more suggestions (in truth I picked them quite a while back, should've posted this sooner).

I plan on finishing the game over Easter since I'll have plenty of free time, but don't expect the same leap from 2 to 3 as there was from 1 to 2, it's mostly just some new songs to play. The fact that it's taken so long shows how little time I've found to actually work on the game, so revolutionising it isn't really feasible.

Thanks for the support guys!


SCGMD3 needs music

2007-11-08 20:54:54 by Shinki

Calling all audio artists. If you have a guitar-driven song that is your own work and is original (not a cover) that you would like to put forward for Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3, leave me a link to it here!

SCGMD3 will be a guitar-based rhythm game much like SCGMD2 which you can see here.

SCGMD2 was featured on the front page for over a week, and played by millions world-wide. This is a great opportunity to get your music/band heard.

Note: The game will be sponsored, by putting a song forward for consideration you are giving permission for it to be used in a sponsored flash game.

SC Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2!

2007-08-30 07:11:32 by Shinki

Finally, it's here! The sequel to my guitar game!

Check it out.

Flash flash flash!

2007-07-26 18:04:09 by Shinki

I've been pretty quiet in Flash terms for the past year what with exams and other stuff taking up lots of time.
Now summer is here I've got several games lined up that will hopefully all make it to release!
So, yay!