SCGMD4 Relase Date

2012-01-06 07:24:44 by Shinki

Hey again everyone!

It's official SCGMD4 is coming out in a matter of weeks! The game will be playable on from the 26th of January, then everywhere else from one week later (2nd of Feb).

So if you want to play right here on NG, keep an eye out on the 2nd of February. There will be badges galore! I won't be uploading the game to this account, since it's now a company thing, so it'll be SecondImpactGames. :)

As always, the facebook group is pretty buzzing and you can follow us on twitter @thesecondimpact.

See you in a few weeks!

SCGMD4 Relase Date


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2012-01-06 14:36:37

Why the hell did you made us wait so long?

Shinki responds:

I was doing other things, I had a job in a big studio. Now I'm back though. :p


2012-01-06 15:50:05

making he's taking his time, learning new things and enjoying himself instead of shitting out a game just because tons of people want one


2012-01-06 16:54:49

loved all your scgmd games so far, really excited about this news :)


2012-01-06 17:57:41

Awesome! :D


2012-01-06 18:19:39

I hope it's more like the second one rather than the third. I much preferred the second game.


2012-01-07 07:55:58

Well, that was quick. Glad it's true.


2012-01-07 13:26:25

oh man hell yeah


2012-01-07 14:51:34

aw man, can't wait for it :D


2012-01-07 17:14:24

Woo! SCGMD4 is comin!


2012-01-08 08:12:31

What's the longest song?

Shinki responds:

It's this: isten/193839

Though we cut out a bit so it's not quite that long.


2012-01-10 20:25:38

If you make another SCGMD game, you should at least include a song that's over 7 minutes or something. Here's a suggestion: audio/listen/290813


2012-01-19 06:46:47

it's soooooooooooo awsome!!!!


2012-01-22 18:48:27

Thank god you made the next on the series, i love SCGMD2 and 3 and i wonder how will the fourth game be, i can barely wait.