SCGMD3 is here!

2008-04-17 10:11:25 by Shinki

Today is the release of SCGMD3! And Newgrounds finally let me upload it!

Have fun. :p


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2008-04-17 10:35:39

What happens when you try to upload?

Shinki responds:

It just says "uploading" forever.


2008-04-17 10:59:18

Wow love it, but using the number keys is......wierd


2008-04-17 11:05:58

SCGMD3 is Awesome!!!
Thanks dude.
When I'll get in everything perfect, I'l tell.


2008-04-17 12:19:02

ey shink scgmd3 is freaking awsome and pitifull!
but there is a glitch.
if u play using the number keys it will not read the note sometime:(.
but still its a cool game!!!


2008-04-17 12:21:38

o yeah and can u please put a download button on scgmd2??


2008-04-17 12:50:33

My friend e-mailed you a couple of times about it. He asked if there would be any famous songs, do you remember him?


2008-04-17 13:06:50

Ah man the guys voice in the first song is sooo flat. Makes it painful to play.
Wow this is a LOT tougher than #2.
Is there any way you can add a download button to #2 also please?


2008-04-17 15:48:08

This one is BY FAR worse than the second. You should've really just stook to using three letters, and not using numbers. This one was a shame. And I have a carpol tunnel now.


2008-04-17 17:16:06

aww, sucks...and I thought one of me songs would be in it. :(

Ah well, at least it's a good game. ;)


2008-04-17 18:03:42

it could've been better in my opinion. I love it and all but I don't have the right feel anymore. The song's difficulty is unbalanced and the extra key doesn't make it better. I'm a diehard fan of the SCGMD series but this one could've been much better than expected. I also loved it when you used a complete list of songs from Newgrounds. It's also ridiculous when songs are 3 minutes long. it takes a lot of finger muscle to play a three minute song. If you could make like a remix version of SCGMD2 with better graphics songs and stuff that would be nice. I wonder what you're working on now...


2008-04-17 18:05:12

PWNAGE YES!!!!!!!! ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-04-17 19:54:23

Ridiculous stuff man

BTW All of those bitchin at the 1 - buttons, they can be switched to A - F which works alot better, and I'm suprised thats not the default ...


2008-04-17 20:35:53

I'm disappointed, you should have kept the same controls and feel of #2


2008-04-17 20:59:53

What fun is it if he just remade SCGMD2 with different songs? No fun at all.
It's kinda hard but that's cool, it's well worth the wait :)


2008-04-17 22:04:25

I played it and it's now on my favorites list. I've been waiting for it ever since the first one came out and it was worth the wait. The songs are cool and the game even looks better too. I also like the new look and that it keeps track of how many notes you get. Great job. :D


2008-04-17 23:16:06

i'd diewith out scgmd games! i just love them!


2008-04-18 19:02:43

Nice, I love it and I waited so long. Good feature with the note missing but yea, I can't really enjoy it to the max, my computer is too damn slow for me to perfect anything.


2008-04-18 22:41:18

Hey.. Love it!!.. im only aking this one easy.. like on SCGMD2 i just did random songs and just kept going over them.. but this one im going to start from the easiest and make my way up. so far ive got 3 perfects and am up to "Nobody Else".
Love what you have to do to get the "butterfingers guitar" i like what you did there. lol im still trying to figure out "minimalist" though.
I had been waiting forthis game to come out for SUCH a long time since i finished SCGMD2 which i spent more time with than my Girlfriend lol and she wasnt happy when i told her that a #3 was coming out. Because i live in Australia.. i had to was on the thursday it was released until like 4-5 in the afternoon because obviously the distance and the time factor. but all in all i love the game. the most confusing part is the adding of the fourth button.. lol. that was trippy.. and how you changed the colours of the arrow keys. lol i used to rely on them in SCGMD2 but changing (<) to purple kept making me press (v)lol and how in SCGMD2..(A) appeared at the top of the fret. and now (F) or (4)'s there and (A)'s at the bottom. i REALLY love the game. and hope you bring out a #4 by the time ive finished this one. and in a previous comment i read that you said that there might be a downloadable version?... is that with #3?? Anywayz Love the SCGMD series and wish happy fortune for you.
10/10 *****


2008-04-18 22:44:12

lol.. just saw the download button then. lol Thanks;)


2008-04-19 02:52:37

I have this downloaded to my desktop and I've been playing it for hours.

This is one of the most addicting games ever. I personally think it's better than Guitar Hero by a longshot. Also, holding the keyboard like a guitar is fun =D


2008-04-19 02:54:01

...Why doesn't anyone like the 1234 keys? They're much easier to use than ASDF.


2008-04-19 04:00:27

i like to use the number keys also. and true.. WAY better than guitar hero.

p.s i figgured out minimalist too lol.. A BROOMSTICK! lol funny
Its be mad to get the butterfingers keyboard for reat l though


2008-04-19 10:15:02

Im a big big fan of this series and think they're absolutely amazing games =]
i think you've done a great job at Updating SCGMD2 and i like alot of the options you've added like the option of choosing 1234 or asdf.

ive read through the reviews and a big complaint is that it is too hard and that the extra button throws them off

so far ive had no problem with this and have achieved
2 perfects,
5 golds (all like 1 note off perfect >=[ ) ,
3 silvers, and 2 bronze

so i was just wondering how you actually go about making the tracks ?
do you test them on yourself before posting or on friends ?

its just something that kind of interests me

so if you could get back to me on that, id be grateful


Shinki responds:


Yes I do test them all myself, and then I have a couple of testers (see credits) go through the songs and make sure they are playable.


2008-04-19 16:54:03

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooyesssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss


2008-04-21 16:14:07

How has this not been front-paged yet?


2008-04-21 16:39:58

I agree with the above poster. I find it slightly humourous as well, considering it's tied for the highest rated thing on NG, and after 4 days it is still not on the front page.

I am sure it will be though.


2008-04-21 22:01:22



2008-04-22 03:15:43

GOD DAMN IT, YOUR MAD ASS ALL YOUR GAMES ARE GREAT, ALL THE MUSIC IS AWESOME,THANKS 4 The post Keep making super crazy guitar maniac deluxe its the best but i know its hard to make so ill give you heaps of tim

THANKS tomashcu60 out...


2008-04-22 17:38:03

Meh, don't like it as much as the previous one, and I don't think I count the F as something doesn't effort just to add one more key and it made it much more complicated, especially for the people who can't get away from the ASD format from 2. Maybe the hard songs will be better,as the slow ones dragged out for a long time. Hope it gets better for me over time, good luck with your future games at least =/...


2008-04-23 17:15:13

My only complaint is that there's a lot less variety in the songs. I do like the challenge, though.


2008-04-23 21:28:42

I am 2 Perfects away from completing the entire game! I have a record of all my medals on my User Page! =D


2008-04-23 22:30:31

tat nice sequal easier to hit notes


2008-04-24 16:19:00

Hey Man, Glad to see the game on the front page where it belongs! We have it on our Myspace profile, which thanks to you, had rocketted from 6000 views to over 100000 views within a week! Thanks a lot man! Keep 'em coming!

Shinki responds:

:) Glad to hear it!


2008-04-24 22:07:51

I just gave the game a 10/10 review after getting a Perfect on every song.

Seriously, you're a genius.


2008-04-25 05:20:20

Difficult!... First song of SCGMD3 is equally the crazy difficulty in 2. I adapted new game, 2 track to 4 track, new "4" hold key, green down, purple left, but i still cannot prefect "The Fade by Setu-Firestorm".
Current: 6 prefect, 0 gold, 0 siver, 0 bronze
Now I try to prefect "SWiCH vs Evil Dog - Round 2" and get 10 prefect =P
10 / 10


2008-04-25 18:41:05

Love the game, the look and everything but 2 things:

1) The songs in SCGMD2 were better, fitted better with the music and were more memorable. These aren't as good I think.

2) I was expecting more from the little stick guy When it went to crazy all he did is lie on the floor... I was expecting a bit more than that...

Apart from that, awesome.


2008-04-27 03:11:41

Wow, man! Did you come up with that keaboard-guitar idea? You better patent it! :D
I enjoyed the game, awesome!



2008-04-27 14:28:12

The FoF control scheme work really well. Great Job on it.


2008-04-28 16:11:40



2008-04-28 18:29:17

Hey, I would like to address some complaints with SCGMD3...

1. More variety. I like the number of guitars, but more songs would be appreciated.
2. Easier Songs. There are too many hard songs. Im good with like the first two, and then wtf how did it get so hard?
3. Change the system. Make it so that you can customize your controls to exactly what your most comfortable with.
4. Maybe a new feature while playing the song? Make it cooler, man!
5. Umm, about that, I'm good. Still a very nice game!


2008-04-29 18:11:46

Damn. Your really getting bitched at for the whole ," Not as good as 2" thing. 3 was a great improvement and I commend your work.


2008-04-30 18:07:41

I'll admit I expected more songs, but still, new songs are new songs. I had two problems with this game: 1. The ASDF was a little annoying at first, but got better. 2. What are the butterfingers and Minimalist awards? they are confusing as they can both mean multiple things. Keep up the good work, and (I'm sorry if I offend by saying this) do moar things other than SCGMDX.


2008-04-30 20:32:44



2008-05-01 16:14:13

Use better music for the next one. Other than that, it's alright.


2008-05-02 15:44:36



2008-05-04 09:32:38

YAY I done everything perfect!!


2008-05-05 22:41:19

This game rules! I don't have any real complaints. i mean, it could be a little easier, but then what fun would that be.5/5(10/10).


2008-05-07 18:52:44




2008-05-08 18:18:33

I played all your games and the 3 one is awsome.


2008-05-11 05:12:58

Make a SCGMD4... have u ever tried to search scgmd3 on youtube... your game is very popular... Good work...