Rise and fall of the easter game, and the future.

2009-07-28 07:47:59 by Shinki

Hey guys!

So my plans for making and releasing a game at Easter fell through massively due to time constraints and my in-built reluctance to make something small and not that ambitious...

There is good news though, I'm currently working as an intern for a super company programming a Flash dancing game. Though this game will not really be of interest to most of you, the fact that I'm writing a much improved rhythm game engine should. Currently I'd be crazy to promise anything, as I don't want to disappoint. But there may be hope for you rhythm game maniacs.



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2009-07-28 16:02:25

That's a nice thing to hear that you've got a job. :) By the way, if you got some time anytime, check out my music. Maybe there's some of interest. :)


2009-07-30 00:11:39

I'm sure I'll love whatever it is you're making.


2009-08-01 02:48:42

sounds great =)


2009-08-26 16:13:25

awesome game man :D i love it


2009-08-31 09:12:38

Cool, dude. Im gunna keep my fingers excersizing until the Next One. so ill be prepared. Heh. Yuo fuckin' rock.


2009-08-31 17:26:27

God, not man.


2009-09-07 09:34:03

ur a dick


2009-10-27 08:08:24

Hey dude!Don't listen to what the other people say,What ever your making it is gonna rule!!I hope to see more of your great flash and i wonder what your new flash would look like,Keep up your amasing work!


2009-11-08 18:52:25

dude ur awesome i love your scgmd 2 and 3... you should make another one with a guitar hero format u know top to bottem. plus it shpuld have medals that would be awesome


2009-11-13 00:12:11

hey if you can make another sequel to the "SC GUITAR MANIAC DX3" and can you add tenacious d songs plssssssss


2009-11-21 10:07:00

finally a good news


2010-01-30 21:02:16



2010-06-11 22:28:18

Good to see you have a job and are still working in Flash. Hope to see whatever projects you're working on.


2010-09-03 21:51:51

Good luck, and hope you make that game :P