SCGMD4 news

2011-10-19 10:22:44 by Shinki

Unlike last time I thought I was making SCGMD4, and then I disappeared and it never showed up, you can now keep up with our progress and news on facebook and twitter.

We'll be gently oozing bits of content from the game on there, and it's also a great way to get in touch with us. If you have suggestions for the game, those are the best ways to get them implemented! (Especially if it's a fairly minor thing, there's a good chance it'll happen).

SCGMD4 Facebook page
@SCGMD4 on Twitter

We're looking to finish before christmas, so look forward to it!


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2011-10-19 11:11:13

I think there should be :
- only A, S and D because the F is too much
- musics from the NGAP (like in the 2nd)
- heavy metal \../. >_< .\../ !!! F**K YEAH !!!!
- a voice acting wich have something to do with rock'n'roll !
- a menu in wich you choose the shape + the color of your guitar

P-S : I literally broke my keyboard by playing SCGMDx 2 (original title by the way!) and I got 4 more so, do songs as intense (not hard) as you wich !!!


2011-10-19 12:26:42

I agree with having songs from the NGAP, it'd be a feather in one's cap to have your music in such a successful game!

Shinki responds:

Several reasons have meant most of the music isn't from NGAP.

1) It's super hard to actually find the good stuff in there.
2) Twice already I've run into issues with people submitting music no NG that they don't actually own.
3) It's often pretty hard to contact people, especially if they don't check Newgrounds often.

It is a shame, because there are some real gems in there, but the SCGMD4 line-up is pretty damn sweet nonetheless!


2011-10-19 15:20:18

Awesome! SCGMD2 was the first game I ever played on Newgrounds. It is nice to know you're making yet another one. Can't wait for it!


2011-10-19 15:22:37

Glad you guys decided to make another one :3, now my suggestions:
1. I don't agree with blanchon I want the ASDF!! cause it rocks
2. There should be metal xD
3. NGAP!! but you said that is difficult to contact them...keep trying x)
4. Some songs are difficult like blanchon said, but thats what makes the game so awesome! with a little practice you can complete them :)
5. Epic guitars, like the keybord guitar or a violin :D
6. Epic songs
7. Not only 12 song, add like 25 :)
Thats all, I hope this helps you ;P

Shinki responds:

Thanks for the suggestions!

Epic guitars is a big yes, and epic songs too. Metal? Hmm.. We've got quite a variety of music, so hopefully something for everyone.


2011-10-19 15:45:21

So you WILL make SCGMND4, awesome man, that's great to hear, hope you have fun making it :D

Shinki responds:

We are! Thanks! :)


2011-10-19 16:06:07

I think you should put some songs from Simple Plan and Linkin Park in it.

Shinki responds:

Big bands tend to be bad news I'm afraid...


2011-10-19 16:08:00

I forgot to add,will you make a violin game on the side?

Shinki responds:

Haha no. Do you play the violin by any chance?


2011-10-19 17:31:57

ma'am i think you need:
---> others stick figures or customizable sticks
--->the control are OK! ASDF are awesome!
--->insane multipliers like X20 XD
--->musics complex like train wreck
--->customizable controls to more comfort (for play with keyboard like a guitar)
I think it's all... and i have a question:
in your site you said something like: "I'm bored to make rhythmic games". what made you change your mind?

now its ALL. and thanks to make a rhythmic game better than Guitar Hero or Rock Band!

written by: Mr Dunno

Shinki responds:

Other stick figures? There will be but you won't be able to play as them...
Multipliers still go up to 10, but the visuals for them are much more... awesome.
We have two difficulty modes now, so the harder difficulty should provide the challenge you are after! :)

The reason for making the new game is because I've just co-founded a games company and we thought the SCGMD IP would be a great start to help us get people playing our games and get our name out there (as well as get a little income) before we move on to our new ideas.


2011-10-19 22:07:01

Tell us about the company you started earlier this year!

Shinki responds:

We are called Second Impact Games, but obviously we have nothing to our name (until SCGMD4 comes out) so not a lot to tell! We have a pokey little office with a bunch of our friends' games start-ups (all out of the ashes of Black Rock Studio). Pretty exciting times for us, and hopefully we will go on to much bigger and cooler things once we've made SCGMD4!


2011-10-31 18:54:19

hum...I understand we are trying to grow up too, but we need an animator, because we have some ideas to animation, the flash CS5, but no animator.And we are absolutely anonymous except by the post made almost all week. Anyway I hope success in SCGMD4!

P.S:I think the SCGMD4 would be a great Christmas Gift!


2011-11-10 19:52:37

I look forward to SCGMD4. I hope this one isn't so hard to play. If it is downloadable, please do so. Add the song "Super Mario Rock". Change the controls too unlike the SCGMD3 its so hard to play when you will use the arrow keys with numbers.


2011-11-22 17:54:24

I cant wait, its been a while since the last one came out , and i enjoed playing it , this one will be great success.


2011-11-24 18:39:59

Can you include a song from Artificial Fear? Or did you already pick your songs?