2011-07-01 06:21:25 by Shinki

Well, what with today's news, things are looking up for SCGMD fans! -07-01-split-second-dev-black-rock-to-


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2011-08-03 00:09:24

Good to see you back. :D


2011-08-21 16:41:49

It's sad people forgot about you, but if you'll make another SCGMD instead of playing Star Wars, you'll easily fix it! Lots of people still lookin forward to see the next one.

Shinki responds:

Playing Star Wars? Haha. I don't even like Star Wars.


2011-09-05 17:52:30

How does this affect SCGMD?

Shinki responds:

I said before that I wouldn't make SCGMD4 because I got a job in a games studio. I just lost my job, so... what's stopping me?